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Bondage Wife Bound And Ball Gagged In Public

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Gagged Wives

Tied tightly with white rope this bound sub has been forced to wear a ballgag and is paraded along by another of her husbands submissives on this night out.  They don’t seem too bothered about what other people think of their unconventional relationship. Fair play to them, it takes balls to get up to shit like this in public hehe.


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Ball Gagged Wife Has Been Handcuffed And Her Nipples Pegged

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Gagged Wives

The cold metal of the handcuffs cut into this girls wrists as her arms were wrenched up behind her back by her master she heard the click as they fastened shut and winced as they bit into her skin.   Pushing her down to her knees he produced a ballgag and stuffed it deep into her mouth.  He secured the straps tightly around her mouth then slapped her twice on the cheek.  She glared at him and made a muffled noise but the ballgag made her complaints incomprehensible. 


Reaching for his pegs he applied one to each of her nipples squeezing them tightly and taking delight in the pain that flashed across her eyes.  By now his cock was hard and feeling the urge to humiliate his enslaved slut wife he pulled his cock out and began tossing himself off before eventually showering her in his cum.  Her hair was covered and he knew she would be pissed off by it. He didn’t care though, he had taken what he wanted from this bound slut.

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Young Sub Wife Tied To A Chair And Gagged With Duct Tape

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Gagged Wives

Helpless and tied to a chair this gagged young submissive wife found herself being stripped by her master and photographed.  He loved to show off his delicious young plaything and this girl was more than willing to oblige.  He had taken her in off the streets and given her a home, now married she felt it her duty to obey his requests, even the more bizarre and perverse ones.  Being gagged and spanked was a hell of a lot easier than turning tricks for twenty bucks on the streets…


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Girl Gagged With Scarf And Hands Tied Behind Back

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Gagged Wives

Gagged with a red scarrf and with her hands tied behind her back this girl has been talked into some light bondage fun by her wannabe Dom boyfriend.  Everyone starts somewhere and soft bondage can certainly be fun but I would really love to see more young amateurs such as these taking things further. Perhaps introducing some sado masochism into their routine.  First things first though, lets see this gagged sub being spanked and punished before we get to the hard stuff hehe.


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Frog Tied Wife Has Been Ball Gagged And Abused

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Gagged Wives

With her hands, legs and feet expertly frogtied  this wife has had a leather harness applied to her head and a large black rubber ball gag inserted into her mouth.  Tugging at her lingerie her master freed her left breast and began biting and sucking at her bare tit chewing her nipple hard with his teeth and making her squeal with pain. 


Gripping her by the legs he flipped her over and began to finger her asshole before reaching for a giant butt plug and fucking her deep in the ass with it.  As her moans got louder the sadistic bastard smiled and quickened his pace. This slut wife must have been walking like John Wayne for at least a week after this session of hard bondage.  Gagged and tied tightly she had been unable to resist the abusive punishment that had been dished out to her.

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Young Slave Wife Got Tied And Gagged With Duct Tape

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Gagged Wives

With her tits taped this nude submissive has had a large patch of duct tape applied to her face gagging her and making it difficult to breathe.  Her nostrils were almost blocked and as her master forced her onto the bed and pushed himself inside her she struggled for breath against the tape gag as her master fucked her hard and deep from behind.  Tweaking the nipples of her tied tits her fucked harder and harder before pulling out and firing a massive wad of cum all over her ass crack.


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BDSM Wife Gets Hogtied And Bit Gagged

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Gagged Wives

With her tits spilling out onto the floor this bound blond wife has been hogtied and gagged with an absolutely brutal looking heavy duty bit gag.  The cold hard metal is forced between her teeth and pulls her lips back almost like she is being fish hooked.  Her tongue rasped around the bar as she struggled not to gag on her own tongue.  With the red ropes of her hogtie cutting into her wrists she felt incredibly uncomfortable but in such a hardcore BDSM session there is no out words.  She is totally at her masters mercy. Only he could decide what would happen to her.


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